Winter Is The Time to Kill Off Organic Growth Wherever Found - Masonry Clinic


Organic growth is an enemy of masonry surfaces. Whether we are talking of mould, moss, fungus, green or black algae, lichens or even plants they should be eliminated as soon as possible on walls, paths and roofs as the days grow shorter. Only on some old non-structural walls can we be a little tolerant in the interests of appearance – otherwise, as damp and dark encourage a bloom of natural organic life, action is required to avoid a range of problems:

The appearance of patios, steps and paving can be badly affected by fast growing algae, and the surface become slippery and dangerous. At the same time, moss and tiny plants can start forcing their way through joints to provide a grip for yet larger and more disruptive, unsightly growth as time wears on.

Walls, especially on the North side of buildings or in permanent shade, can breed moss and other greenery at a surprising rate. There are good reasons why this should be prevented- apart from deteriorated appearance. Firstly, algae and moss act to hold water against a masonry surface reducing thermal efficiency, trapping ice in freezing weather and increasing the risk of frost sheer. Secondly, the roots and suckers of organic life seek out any moisture retained in mortar. As they grow they break out ever more of the joints providing room for larger plants to develop eventually compromising the integrity of the wall itself.

Roofs, being largely out of sight and mind, are often forgotten but also need protection from the ravages of organic growth and time. Tiles, slates and other materials be compromised in the same way as walls losing their insulating properties and inviting damage from rain, frost and ever larger plants. They can also start shedding unsightly clumps of mossy material which, when trodden into interiors, can become the bane of many a housewife.

Thank goodness nothing is easier than avoiding all these wintertime problems. All that’s needed is MASONRY CLINIC’S PATIO, PATH & WALL WASH and almost any kind of sprayer. Here is the ultimate in ease of application. Once given a good soaking walk away. The offending organic life starts to die immediately crumbling into dust which is, in turn, washed away by weather. Not only that but the product coats the surface with an invisible layer of super fungicide which keeps the problem from reappearing – often for years.

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