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The World’s Best Professional Sandstone Sealant – Penetrating, Permanent Protection. Gives you the choice of natural or lasting gloss finish.

Stone surfaces vary markedly. For optimum results it is vital to use the correct sealant. If in doubt sandstone, including Indian sandstone, looks like sandpaper being composed of small individual grains of quartz and other materials.
Masonry Clinic Sandstone Sealant produces an unmatched tough and durable protection from dirt, staining and wear and tear of all kinds.
Enhances the natural colour of the stone and gives either a natural matt finish or a wet glossy look depending on the number of coats.
A unique water based co-polymer product for ease and safety in use.

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Directions for use

  • Ensure the paving to be treated is clean, dry and free of grease or oil. If in doubt use Masonry Clinic Stone Cleaner.
  • With a medium pile roller apply a generous coating while ensuring that the product does not pool in dips and hollows.
  • For a gloss finish apply a second and third coat, allowing at least two hours drying time between coats, longer in cool conditions.
  • Clean equipment immediately after use with soap and water.

Coverage & Drying time: Approximately 3-5 sq. mts. (32-54 sq. ft.) for the first coat, and 5-7 sq. mts. (54-75 sq. ft.) for subsequent coats. At 18C (64F) touch dry in 2-4 hours and fully cured in 5 days.
Available Sizes: 4 litre (135 fl.oz.) Bottles, 20 litre (676.3 fl. oz.) Jerrys.

Additional Documents:

Masonry Clinic Leaflet

Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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How much MASONRY CLINIC Sandstone Sealant do I need?

Much depends on the absorbency of the substrate to be treated. However, the average coverage of a first coat is around 4 square metres (43 square feet) per litre. Further coats should give up to 7 square metres (75 square feet) per litre.

Is MASONRY CLINIC Sandstone Sealant safe to use on an internal stone floor?

Yes. The formula is a water based, non-toxic, co-polymer invention – without pungent fumes and no common allergicity.

What is the benefit of sealing my exterior walls, paths and patios, and how long do I have to stay off the paving after it is sealed?

Sealing exterior sandstone surfaces is important to protect them from staining from such things as vehicles, footprints, bird lime, algae and water runoff; as well as suppressing natural weed growth in the cracks – not to mention that they will look great! Once applied, vehicles should stay off the sealed area for a minimum of 48 hours, although foot traffic will be OK within 3 or 4 hours.

For what surfaces is MASONRY CLINIC Sandstone Sealant ideal?

Because of the unique nature of sandstone, our product is tailored for all sorts of natural sandstone in walls, flooring and paving, whether in slabs, setts or blocks – inside or outside. It prevents damage from wear and tear, staining and discolouration, weed growth in any joints and green or black organic growth.

How can MASONRY CLINIC Sandstone Sealant give a matt or gloss finish, depending on choice?

Quite simply, one coat will produce a natural matt effect and protect the surface, but adding a second and third coat will provide a wonderful shine.

How do I know if my stone is sandstone?

Stone surfaces vary markedly and, for optimum results, the correct sealant should be used. If in doubt sandstone, including Indian Sandstone, looks like sandpaper under a magnifying glass – being composed of small individual grains of quartz and other materials.

What is the main advantage that MASONRY CLINIC Sandstone Sealant has against competing products?

Our product’s unique formula gives an unmatchable tough and wear resistant coating that can give either a matt or shiny finish without having to purchase separate items.

Is MASONRY CLINIC Sandstone Sealant easy to use?

Yes. All you need is a clean surface (if in doubt, use MASONRY CLINIC’s Sandstone Cleaner) and a medium pile roller. Further coats can be applied to give a gloss finish with 2 hours between each. Full directions are on the package.

Why do you call your Sandstone Sealant “the world’s best”?

Because we keep an eye on all competing products around the globe and make sure that our formulas are at the cutting edge of scientific excellence. In fact, if any customer feels they have found a competing retail product that does the job better, sending us the used item with a note explaining why they feel it is better, we will refund their last purchase of MASONRY CLINIC Sandstone Sealant made at any time in the previous six months!

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