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The World’s Best Anti-fungal Patio, Path & Wall Wash – Works on all masonry surfaces to kill and control mould, moss and algae of all kinds.

A super-concentrated disinfectant and steriliser for the treatment, removal and protection against green, black and other organic growths on hard surfaces.
A powerful anti-bacterial effect, without bleach or acids, that lasts for months.
Ideal for use before applying sealants or other surface treatments. Even provides the best indoor fungicidal wash before painting.
So simple to use: just spray and walk away.

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Directions for use

  • Remove all loose and flaking material with a soft bristle brush.
  • Apply to dry surfaces using a brush, roller, pressurised knapsack, garden sprayer or watering can.
  • Do not apply if frost or heavy rain is forecast within a 5-6 hour period
  • Drench the surface so that it is able to penetrate the smallest cavities in the substrate.
  • Leave to take effect and kill growing moss and unseen spores.
  • Clean all equipment thoroughly after use with clean water.

Coverage: An average litre will treat 3-4 sq. mts. (32 – 43 sq. ft.) depending on the absorbency of the substrate.
Available Sizes: 750 ml (25.4 fl. oz.)Trigger Spray, 4 litre (135 fl. oz.) Bottle.

Additional Documents:

Masonry Clinic Leaflet

Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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How much MASONRY CLINIC Patio, Path& Wall Fungicide do I need?

How much depends on the degree of soiling but, on average, a litre will treat approximately 3-4 square metres (or 32-43 square feet).

Our house is in the shade of trees and the roof is covered in moss. Can I use your product to remove the blanket of green?

Yes. All you need to do is spray your roof and leave our product to kill the moss and its spores. Rain will eventually wash off the dead material.

I wish to seal my block driveway but am worried that the green film that has appeared in places since it was laid may cause problems with the sealant. What do you advise?

We advise anyone applying sealants, or other hard surface masonry treatments, to use an effective fungicide first so that the spores are not trapped under the new coating.

What surfaces can MASONRY CLINIC Patio, Path & Wall Fungicide be used on?

Our product is designed for any outdoor hard surface whether rough or smooth, and even makes a better indoor fungicidal treatment before decorating.

What is the main advantage MASONRY CLINIC Fungicide has against competing products?

With an unbeatable powerful sterilising effect it protects all hard surfaces against re-contamination for months and months yet is so safe it can be sprayed – containing no bleach or acid.

Why do patios, steps and paths get so particularly green and slippery?

Because being flat they are often wet with small puddles of standing water for lengthy periods – which creates an ideal breeding ground for natural organic growths – including moss, mould, lichen, black and green algae.

Is MASONRY CLINIC Patio, Path & Wall Fungicide easy to use?

Nothing could be simpler to use. After applying with any handy brush, roller, sprayer or watering can our fungicide is left on the surface to take effect and kill any growing moss and unseen spores. Full directions are on the package.

Why do you call your MASONRY CLINIC Patio, Path & Wall Fungicide “the world’s best”?

Because we keep an eye on all competing products around the globe and make sure that our formulas are at the cutting edge of scientific excellence. In fact, if any customer feels they have found a competing retail product that does the job better, sending us the used item with a note explaining why they feel it is better, we will refund their last purchase of MASONRY CLINIC Fungicide made at any time in the previous six months!

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Barbara Hall
Great product

Advice from staff was very good and very pleased with the results. Would recommend this product to anyone. Any further problems would definitely ring for advice .