Liquid Weather – Brick, Stone & Tile Tinting


Liquid Weather –  The World’s Best Masonry Colour Harmoniser.

Patented and unique to solve the common problem of unsightly mismatching masonry.
Matches and blends new and old surfaces in one easy application to give a natural, aged appearance that is otherwise only achieved by years of weathering.
Permanently tones down Brick, Stone, Tile, Render, Mortar, Concrete and Earthenware in Walls, Paths, Roofs and Gardens.
Easy to use with a brush, spray, sponge or roller. Dilution with water gives a lighter shade, while a darker effect is readily achieved by applying more than one coat.
A safe water-soluble formula with no dangerous chemicals.

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Directions for use:

Gloves and eye protection are recommended while applying Liquid Weather to avoid temporary staining of the skin and contact with eyes.

  • Make sure the surfaces to receive application are sound and dry
  • Shake or stir the product thoroughly.
  • Test the solution on a small, inconspicuous patch and allow it to dry. This normally takes 5-15 minutes. To achieve a lighter shade on first application, Liquid Weather should be diluted with water.
  • After testing, if the effect is too dark dilute with clean water (up to 50%). If too light spray again until the desired match is obtained.
  • Once you have achieved the desired shade simply apply Liquid Weather all over the area using a brush, sponge, roller or sprayer.
  • After use, simply rinse brushes and equipment in water and wash hands.

Coverage: averages 8 sq. mts. (86 sq. ft.) per litre

Available Sizes: 50 ml (1.7 fl. oz.) Tester, 500 ml ( 16.9 fl. oz.) Trigger Spray, 2.5 litre (84.5 fl. oz.) Bottle, 20 litre Jerry (676.3 fl. oz.) , 210 litre (55 gallon) Barrel.

Additional Documents:

Liquid Weather Datasheet

Manufacturer Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Masonry Clinic Leaflet


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How long is Liquid Weather’s shelf-life?

To all practical purposes this is unlimited, provided it is kept in the original container. Even after years of storage it loses none of its unique effectiveness or stability. We would only recommend shaking the product first.

I have recently given my garden a make-over with new statuary, pond edging and surrounding walls. It looks rather garish. Can Liquid Weather help?

This is just the type of job Liquid Weather was designed for. The idea behind the product was borne out of the desire to get that mature look instantly. After application, your garden masonry will look as if your new improvements have been there for years.

Can Liquid Weather save me money?

Liquid Weather is a superior brick staining product used to give a more expensive, aged look to new, cheaper bricks. The ease with which it can blend new brick to match an existing colour makes it more cost effective than buying the authentic brick. Careful use of Liquid Weather can breathe new life into left over, or otherwise redundant, bricks for future use – particularly useful for the building trade.

How much do I need for the job I have in mind?

Liquid Weather is an economical product. As its effect is permanent, you will not need to use it again. It is recommended that you allow approximately one litre of Liquid Weather for every 480 bricks or 8.0 square metres of masonry. Coverage rates may vary according to different surfaces.

Is Liquid Weather easy and safe to use?

Liquid Weather is both water-based and non-flammable, making it extremely safe and easy to apply. No special precautions are needed, other than sensibly wearing gloves and goggles when handling the product. The patented formula uses a natural staining material in an aqueous base – perfect for all areas of brick and stone ageing, tinting and blending.

Can I be sure that the appearance, after treatment will look natural rather than artificial?

You certainly can, since the tinting, or toning, effect is achieved by a natural colouring agent that causes the darkened, weathered appearance of aged surfaces in the first place.

What if I only want to treat part of a wall, pathway or roof?

One of Liquid Weather’s advantages is its flexibility. With a spray, large brush or sponge it can weather and tone down large areas. At the same time smaller areas, single bricks or just the mortar can be darkened and stained to blend in with surrounding surfaces.

After application will Liquid Weather alter the characteristics of the surface?

Other than the darkening effect to create the desired ‘old brick look’, Liquid Weather leaves the surface unchanged. This is so that it will continue to weather and age at the same rate as surrounding surfaces.

Are different shades available?

No. Liquid Weather only darkens brick and stone by mimicking the natural weathering effect and darkening caused by atmospheric particles. It is a not a paint and will not otherwise change the colour of the surface.

Does Liquid Weather change the colour of masonry?

This depends on how you define colour. It works by darkening the surface with a permanent stain to give the appearance of weathering over time. This can also be described as tinting, staining or shading but it will not affect the underlying colour of the brick or stone.

Is the effect of Liquid Weather permanent?

Yes. Once applied, you will never need to use the product again for staining or tinting. Its effect cannot be removed, which is why we would recommend testing the product first on a small inconspicuous area to make sure you are happy with the result. Try blending and matching an existing brick colour before proceeding to the main area you wish to treat.

Can I treat horizontal surfaces, such as newly surfaced driveways, as well as walls and roofs?

Liquid Weather is ideal for all types of patio and driveway staining. It is commonly used to age the appearance of bright new bricks or concrete on paths and drives.

Can I use Liquid Weather to age any kind of brick, stone, concrete or tile – so that they blend with existing work ?

Any type of masonry, in any colour (eg. red, buff and grey bricks) will be immediately aged and ‘weathered’ by the natural pigments in Liquid Weather. Whatever your need – tinting walls and roofs, blending in new brick or stone, staining concrete, ageing paths and planters – Liquid Weather will do the job. The only exceptions are those bricks or roof tiles with smooth, hard surfaces such as engineering bricks.

How would you describe the effect that Liquid weather has on hard masonry surfaces?

There are many ways to describe Liquid Weather’s action – such as Weathering, Darkening, Toning, Ageing, Tinting, Blending, Shading and Staining.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
David Rickards

Very pleased with the result. Painted the pointings in the new crazy paving and it now blends in really well.

Helen Todd
Liquid weather has blended new flags in beautifully

Having just laid a new patio, we chose a granite flagstone which seemed to have a lot of grey and black flecks in it - i.e. tonally soft. Not so, the overall effect has been very white and bright. We researched stains but were told the flags would be non-porous. Tried liquid weather on an off chance as small amounts can be ordered and shipping is free. We cautiously diluted to half strength and found this toned down the flags to a soft grey. Delighted with this product and will be ‘aging’ some other things around the house and garden such as wooden posts for the raspberries - and the grouting in a new wall.

Tinted Stonework

Very happy with your product and service. Good job.

John West
Amazing product

Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Ian W
Sample first

Very important to test product.I found it best to use undiluted and then 50/50 until I got the disered effect