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Liquid Weather for Weathering Walls

Probably the widest use for Liquid Weather is in weathering walls to blend away unsightly differences in the brick, stone, render or concrete – or, in some cases, a mix of different composites.

As soon as a wall is built it will start getting darker through weathering and exposure to atmospheric dust and dirt. The longer the wall has existed, and the more industrial the surroundings, the more pronounced will be this change in colour – or, more accurately, tone or shade.

All later extensions, or renovations, to the external walls of existing buildings will show up by the very fact of their newness and comparative brightness. It is no use blaming the builder, who has probably done his level best to match the older material, it is the fault of time and nature. Traditionally, the only suggestion he might make is to try a mixture of cow muck and yogurt on the new wall. If you can find these ingredients in sufficient quantity, don’t mind the smell and difficulty, and there are no rains for a few days to wash off the mixture, you may find, in some months time, that moss and lichen starts to grow and dull down your wall!

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On the other hand, a quick and simple application of Liquid Weather will darken the wall and, by tinting the brick or staining the stone, blend new and old together in harmony.

Are any of these your problem? If so Liquid Weather “weathers”. Problem solved! Permanently!

A whole extension that simply looks wrong against your older house.

Simply add the appearance of age to the more recent work.

An in-filled door or window.

Tint and tone the new to disguise the join.

A new conservatory built on a low wall of bright brick, stone or concrete.

Weather in the base with the rest of the building.

A new coping on an old wall.

Darken the top to match the rest.

A wall that, over time, has been patched and repaired with different materials.

Apply Liquid Weather over the whole to help blend it all together.

A new fireplace or exposed internal wall that looks out of place.

Match them to the age of their surroundings.