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Liquid Weather for Roofs

Often the very first part of a property that is noticed is the roof. As we approach, we assess a building’s value from its condition – whether cared for and well maintained, or in need of attention. Although a roof may be perfectly practical and watertight its visual appearance is important too. If patched, or obviously extended at some time, we subconsciously downgrade a building’s worth.

This is so true that in many cases, where an extension is planned, a professional roofer will suggest to the owner that the old tiles are taken from the rear of the existing property and re-fixed on the front elevation of the new addition – so the fresh work will not be so glaringly obvious to passers-by. This is both time consuming and expensive.

Such problems are easily and cheaply solved by applying Liquid Weather to tone down the new tiles so that they are blended with the older roof. The darkening effect adds an immediate appearance of age that, otherwise, will only happen over many years. Even then, since both old and new will be weathered and stained at the same rate, there will always remain a noticeable difference in shade.

liquid weather all sizes
The full range of Liquid weather sizes.

Since Liquid Weather can be applied by any convenient hand-held sprayer, as well as brush or sponge, lighter areas of large and small roofs can be very quickly tinted to give a harmonious look to the whole. After application all parts of the roof will continue to age at the same rate. Liquid Weather is the one-shot, simple solution to an age-old problem.

Are any of these your problem? If so, Liquid Weather “weathers”. Problem solved!

An addition to your house that, at some time in the past, was roofed with tiles that were the nearest, or exact, match to the original, but you can still see where.

Simply tone down the lighter area until there is no longer a difference in shade.

Recent, or indeed older, repairs that have left patches on the roof.

Blend away the unsightly newer work so as to be indistinguishable from the surrounding area.

A new roof that is too bright and glaring for your taste.

Whether on a new property or old, darken it as required with Liquid Weather.