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Liquid Weather for Paving, Paths, Patios and Driveways

Whether the requirement is to tone down a brash new area, or to blend the new with an existing surface, Liquid Weather will do the job, easily and permanently. It is equally effective on natural stone slabs or concrete blocks and paviours.

Any hard horizontal surface can be weathered in, given the appearance of age, toned and darkened in one application using any convenient hand-held spray or brush. For large areas a soft bristled sweeping brush is recommended.

Make sure to test first on a small area to adjust the degree of staining. Wait for 5-15 minutes until Liquid Weather is dry and locked onto the surface, as signaled by the disappearance of a slight blueish tinge. In most cases the appearance will be ideal. However, if required, adding water to Liquid Weather will achieve a lighter result (a mix of up to 50:50 will remain effective) or simply applying more coats will darken the effect.

liquid weather all sizes
The full range of Liquid weather sizes.

The reason you can be confident that, no matter how heavy the traffic or footfall, Liquid Weather’s tinting, staining, darkening or ageing effect will remain is that, at the same time, its natural pigment both adheres to the surface and penetrates microscopically into the substrate.

Are any of these your problem? If so, Liquid Weather “weathers”. Problem solved! Permanently!

A brand new path or driveway that simply looks too bright.

Tone down the whole area until it is just right.

An extension to your patio with the same bricks, blocks or slabs that, nonetheless, looks so different.

Weather in the new so that you “can’t see the join” between new and old.

Paving around an old house that stands out like a sore thumb.

Give the new work the mature “patina” of age.

A paved area of mixed materials of different ages that always looks a mess.

Blend everything together in a harmonious whole.

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