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Liquid Weather for Gardens and Landscaping

Nowhere is Liquid Weather’s ability to give an instant patina of age more appreciated than outdoors. This is an area where most of us are not looking for the shiny and new, but for that which is mature, natural looking and restful to the eye. Recently constructed walls, paths, stairways and other forms of hard landscaping can be instantly blended with their surroundings by one simple application of Liquid Weather.

The patented formula works equally well on brick, stone, concrete, tiled or rendered surfaces to give a permanent weathered appearance. The only exception is those that are highly glazed. The degree of toning, or staining with apparent age, is very simply adjusted and no special equipment is needed – other than a brush, sponge or simple sprayer.

Are any of these your problem? If so, Liquid Weather “weathers”. Problem solved! Permanently!

A new garden wall that simply looks wrong against the mature lawn, shrubs and other plants.

Tone and age it easily and, if it is built of cheaper brick or other material, give it a mature and more expensive appearance.

A pathway of blocks, slabs, bricks or concrete that, now it’s finished, looks more like “the yellow brick road” from the Wizard of Oz!

Don’t worry, just darken it down to tone naturally with its surroundings.

Planters and outdoor ornaments, whether of natural or re-constituted stone, that look a little out of place in their mature setting.

Give them the appearance of weathering and age quickily and easily.

Traditional clay flowerpots that are too bright and new.

Stain them permanently to look old and weathered without affecting them in any other way.

Edging to a garden pool or walkway that looks brash against older surrounding surfaces.

This can be seamlessly and instantly tinted and toned.

A new garage that stands out like a sore thumb.

Now there is no need to put up with the unsightly contrast. Just apply Liquid Weather.

An extended patio that contrasts old and new areas.

Stain the new to match the old so no one will “see the join”.

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