About us - Masonry Clinic

World beating masonry treatments from the Liquid Products Company

5 Station Road, Barnack, STAMFORD PE9 3DW United Kingdom.
Telephones: + 44 (0)1780 766787, +44 (0)7749 517140
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Born in science. Best in practice

Masonry Clinic is a complete range of products for the care and maintenance of all kinds of masonry surfaces including brick, stone, tile, concrete and render. Developed with cutting edge science to be the most effective, easiest and safest formulas available, and brought together by the Liquid Products company for worldwide distribution.

Easy to Choose. Simple to use

Only Masonry Clinic has the Masonry Diagnostic Selector to guide architect, tradesman or homeowner to exactly the right product – one that will achieve the desired result as quickly and simply as possible from the comprehensive range. No more hit-and-miss.

Adding to the value of property

A building with masonry surfaces that are protected from the elements, clean of stains and everyday grime and looks good without mismatching brick, stone or tile will maximise its market value. Masonry Clinic products are a sound investment that might cost a little more but are up to ten times as effective.

World class with a personal touch

The company behind Masonry Clinic has research and selling relationships around the globe yet is small enough to provide an efficient and caring service to large and small customers alike. A real human being will answer the telephone every time!

Customer led, careful and caring

Unlike many competitors, we are unencumbered with redundant infrastructure or outmoded manufacturing plant. Our unique and patented formulas are carefully made by the best British contract manufacturers there are. Masonry Clinic is based in Stamford, an ancient stone town of special beauty and is mindful of our crowded planet, its threatened environment and those in need.