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Masonry Clinic is the complete range of professional cleaners, sealants and conditioners for improving, renovating and maintaining masonry surfaces.

Cutting edge chemistry guarantees more effective yet safe products that are easy to use by both tradesmen and homeowners alike. We start with a unique expertise in ORGANIC CHEMISTRY which involves the study and application of organic compounds, polymers and formulas rather than ordinary mineral based materials and mineral acids. This gives a tremendous advantage in effectiveness as well as safety.

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Proven and patented

Our products are not only tested in the laboratory, in shipping tests and in “first factory batches” but also under real conditions when used by typical customers. We are intent on offering real advantages against all known worldwide competition and, having gone to such lengths, we apply to protect our inventions by patent whenever possible. That’s why we say “Born in Science. Proven in Practice”.

Convenient packaging, convenient sizes and ease of use

No matter what our competitors do, we always look for the simplest and easiest type of container that is as light possible – which is why we offer a wide range of sizes of pre-mixed products that are designed for ease of application.

value for money
Not always the cheapest –
just the best value for money

Although sometimes costing a little more, our products are already mixed for ease of use, and are concentrated to go further and offer great value for money.

masonry clinic is made in Britain
Owned, developed and manufactured in Great Britain

Masonry Clinic is a brand of Liquid Products Limited and, although we source some clever ingredients from abroad, our laboratories, factory and company itself are 100% British. This gives us an advantage when it comes to servicing our UK customers in terms of speed of delivery and response to enquiry. At Masonry Clinic the customer is always King!

kind to the environment
Careful and caring

Our head office is in the lovely old town of Stamford making us constantly aware of our fragile environment. We focus on bio-degradable, non-toxic, water based, non-flammable products that are also plant and animal friendly.